Customer Success: Messersmith Manufacturing

“Throughout the year following the assessment, we were able to continue improving our processes which yielded significant cost savings and improved productivity. This allowed us to reinvest those savings into new marketing and product development, which led to increased sales revenue.” – Jeremy Mortl, President.

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If your organization has researched other consulting or training companies you undoubtedly have been force-fed a bunch of canned solutions that you are being told you need and how they should be implemented.  But, have any of them stopped to ask what exactly are your goals?  What resources do you have available to you?  What is your timeframe?  What skills you have currently or what gaps you are trying to close?

​Our philosophy is that while we are glad to give you a canned proposal if that is what you want, we would rather customize our offerings to suit your specific needs because we know the reality is that one size does not fit all.

Every organization is at a different state than the next and their needs are different.  Sure, our training materials and content may be rivaled by the myriad of other firms out there, but our personal service is second to none.  We don't want to be a content provider.  We want to be a partner in your success because your success is our success, and anything less than that is unacceptable.

So, our first step in our journey with your organization is to get to know you and for you to get to know us.  We will use a variety of tools to help us intimately understand your needs and to set up mutually agreeable goals so you can measure us against ours while we help you meet yours.  We doubt you'll find that sort of partnership with any other company you have researched, because most consulting companies want to bill you in perpetuity with no metrics to hold them accountable to.

Once we have performed adequate assessments, we will then know what we need to know to assure we are meeting your true needs, not the needs you are told you have by other companies.